Our Process

Learn what it takes to create a custom mural to fit your business or personal style.

Initial Consultation

We meet to discuss your interest in the mural. Whether you already have an idea that you want developed or you are coming to us with a clean slate we look forward to creating a custom mural for you. No need to be intimidated with us, we are open to your ideas, we enjoy the diversity and original concepts that clients bring to the table.


Design Development

We take the information discussed at our original meeting and create designs that accomplish the goal we established. We are very comprehensive in evaluating each mural. Location, function, style, placement, architecture and budget are a few of the considerations that fit into the final design. We discuss the designs with you and finalize the idea that you like.



Depending on the complexity of the design, the location of the mural, and the prep work that is necessary, we agree on a schedule and payment plan. At Brushcan custom murals we take great pride in our work and will provide you with the absolute best products in the industry and prepare the mural wall for a maximum lifespan.

You get your money's worth. The marketing potential of a mural is enormous. Considering the price of advertising and the advent of social media, a Brushcan Custom Mural is a great investment!